Cheshire East Council's Budget Book 2013-2014

Details of service budgets are available in the Council’s Budget Book for 2013-14. These PDF documents are updated periodically throughout the year to reflect changes to service budgets which have been agreed in line with the Finance and Contract Procedure Rules.

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Budget Book 2013/2014

This latest version of the Budget Book reflects changes to budgets in the First Quarter Year Review of Performance report approved by Cabinet on 19 August 2013.

  • Introduction and Summary Budgets (PDF, 244KB) provides summary tables showing the Council's revised revenue and capital budgets.
  • Original Three Year Budgets (PDF, 260KB) provides the detailed three year budget pages, including the Capital Programme, contained in the Council’s Budget Report approved in February 2013. These pages are unchanged.
  • Detailed Service Budgets (PDF, 760KB) This document contains clickable links for ease of use. The document provides detailed analyses of service revenue and capital budgets. Revenue budgets are analysed down to the sub-division of service level in the organisational structure, and also across types of expenditure and income (e.g. employees, supplies & services, grants). Updated budgets and forecasts for new and ongoing individual Capital projects are also shown.
  • Budget Book - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 40KB) contains information about the Budget Book and how the sections are related.

Details of Fees and Charges

As part of the Budget setting process, the Council has collated the updated fees and charges list for the financial year 2013/2014 (PDF, 391KB).

This represents the position at the time of Budget setting in February 2013 and prices may be changed during the year as a result of specific circumstances.

In addition, some of these lines remain subject to further discussion and approval at the relevant Committee.

Cheshire East Council Medium Term Financial Strategy and Budget Report 2013/2016

The Leader of Cheshire East Council has published his Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2013/14 to 2015/16 (PDF, 732KB). This report sets out how the Council will meet its three year priorities through major change programmes and transformation.

This is supported by the Council’s Budget Report 2013/14 to 2015/16 (PDF, 2.11MB) which confirms the proposals being put forward are deliverable and sustainable whilst managing continuing financial pressures and a 30% reduction in funding from Government as a result of national austerity measures.

The reports have been considered by Cabinet on 4th February and updated for any changes made as a result of the final Government funding announcements and comments received. They were agreed by Council on 28th February 2013. This resulted in the Council Passes Robust Three-Year Plan press release from the Leader of the Council.

The reports continue the established theme of stepped improvements in the Budget process:

  • The Council’s budget has been structured around the major change programmes within the three year Council Plan.
  • A set of Budget Principles have been developed to guide the decision making process.
  • Providing supporting information behind the major change programmes (MS Excel, 124KB)
  • The Council’s consultation and engagement process will carry on to implementation of the proposals where appropriate.

Reserves of £13.2m will be maintained as a prudent level that protects against risk and manages cashflow during the transformation of services.

The key themes within the reports include:

  • Lifting the tax burden
  • Giving better value for money
  • Reducing management overheads and improving productivity
  • ‘Sweating’ our assets
  • Growing our economy
  • Getting a better deal
  • Retaining facilities at the heart of our communities
  • Protecting the vulnerable and the elderly
  • Showing that ‘prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure’
  • Protecting the rights and entitlements of learners

Cheshire East Members received a briefing on the Budget papers on 29th January 2013 (PDF, 736KB).

Our Principles to underpin budget decisions:

  1. We will be policy-led and stick to our decisions
  2. We will make decisions based on evidence of need and of what works, with due regard to our equality duty
  3. We are planning for at least 3 years
  4. We must be a more productive and affordable organisation
  5. We will stop doing some things to focus on those that matter most to local people
  6. We will invest in innovative new ways of providing services
  7. We will ensure that those who provide services, whether in-house or externally, give real value-for-money
  8. We will promote self-reliance and capacity in local communities to reduce demand on public services
  9. We will focus our limited resources on prevention and early intervention
  10. We will invest in infrastructure to promote local economic growth and access to job opportunities

Equality Impact

The Council will continue to undertake equality impact assessments for the relevant aspects of the change programmes as they develop across the lifetime of the three year plan. Completed Equality Impact Assessments will be placed here in due course.

Your Comments

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