Starting a new food business

When starting a new food business it is very important to get things right at the start. Mistakes early on can turn out to be costly. Good food hygiene helps prevent food poisoning and protects your reputation with customers.

Starting up my food business

You can register your food business by completing an application form - Food Business Registration. You  must do this at least 28 days before opening. There is no charge.

The design and construction of your premises must meet legal requirements. Contact us for further information.

You need to arrange waste and recycling collections for your business. You must not put waste oil with your other waste, it must be removed by an approved contractor.

You must set up food safety management procedures - decide which food safety records you will need to keep. Safer Food Better Business is a free food safety management system which you can use. 

Staff training must be adequate for business – make sure you and your staff understand the principles of good food hygiene - Food Safety Training

Health and safety and fire safety arrangements must be adequate - Health and Safety

You may need a licence if you intend

  • to sell alcohol
  • putting on public entertainment
  • selling hot food and drink late at night, or 
  • selling food on the street

See our licensing pages

Food Labelling and Weights and Measures information must be accurate. When food is sold loose, the labelling requirements are generally relatively basic. When foods are pre-packed away from the consumer and destined for sale full food labelling is usually required. In both cases the food must be accurately described. Some foods are required to meet a legal composition level and they may need to be sold by quantity, see our Trading Standards webpage for further advice.

You may need planning permission if you:

  • want to change the way a premises is used
  • make major changes to the structure of a premises
  • install a ventilation stack to the building.

See our Planning pages

Business Rates – ensure that you are registered with Cheshire East Council for Business Rates.

Contact us

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Page last reviewed: 01 April 2021