Cheshire East Borough design guide supplementary planning document

This residential design guide, targeted primarily toward larger scale housing proposals, aims to improve the quality of new residential development in the borough.  It has been prepared as a constructive means to engage in the design process with developers and communities, supplementing Building for Life 12, the industry design standard for new housing and helping to realise its aims within Cheshire East.

Consequently, the Design Guide will also be used to support Cheshire East in rejecting poor design where that does not meet the high standard now required by the council.

The guide is in 2 parts:

The first volume sets out the characteristics that make Cheshire East unique as a place and it explains how developers and designers should approach designing new development in an appropriate way. This is also likely to be applicable to the design of other forms of development. 

The second volume provides guidance on specific aspects of residential design that are necessary in order to meet the required standard in making new development attractive, positive for the place and fit for purpose. These key elements of design guidance are supplemented by checklists and case studies to assist all those involved in the design and consideration of new development and to allow developers, designers and others to quality check development proposals at various stages in the design and development process.

It is also hoped that this guidance will  influence the development process from its very earliest stages to ensure that high quality new development can be delivered effectively.


The following link in relation to cycle parking for new residential developments was omitted from the document in error. Consequently it is advised that this should also be taken into consideration with the guidance set out in Volume 2 chapter II/123 and chapter v/11

Page last reviewed: 04 April 2022