Policy INF 6: Protection of existing and proposed infrastructure

  1. To assist in supporting existing development and securing planned growth, development will only be permitted where it is unlikely to adversely impact on existing infrastructure or the delivery of proposals for new and improved infrastructure in the borough, as identified in the strategies or plans of the council and other statutory infrastructure providers.
  2. The land required for the construction of the following highway and public transport schemes as shown on the adopted policies map, is safeguarded:
    1. Middlewich Eastern Bypass;
    2. A500 Barthomley Link Road;
    3. North West Crewe Package; and
    4. Middlewich Railway Station.
  3. Development proposals that would prejudice or undermine the delivery of these schemes will not be permitted.

Supporting information

10.15  This policy complements LPS Policy IN 1 'Infrastructure', which sets out the integrated approach that will be taken towards land use and infrastructure planning and delivery. Policy INF 6 adds further detail to ensure that existing, important infrastructure is suitably protected and that the opportunity to either improve existing or provide new infrastructure that will support sustainable development in the borough is safeguarded.

10.16  Examples of the strategies and plans where infrastructure is identified include:

10.17  The policy lists a number of important highways and transportation infrastructure schemes that are integral to the successful achievement of planned growth set out in the LPS and seeks to safeguard the land required for their delivery. Each of them features in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (2016) that accompanied the LPS.

10.18  The Authority Monitoring Report summarises progress made on the priority infrastructure needed to deliver the policies and proposals of the LPS. The council is also preparing an Infrastructure Funding Statement, which will identify infrastructure needs, the total cost of this infrastructure, anticipated funding from developer contributions, and the choices the council has made about how these contributions will be used.

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