Policy INF 7: Hazardous installations

  1. Proposals that would create a new hazardous installation or extend an existing hazardous installation will only be permitted if they do not:
    1. introduce unacceptable hazards or risks to people in the surrounding area; or
    2. impose significant development restrictions upon surrounding land that could frustrate the sustainable development or regeneration of the area.
  2. Where development is proposed in the vicinity of a hazardous installation, planning permission will only be granted where it would not give rise to an unacceptable safety risk to the occupiers of the proposed development and not result in additional land uses that would potentially curtail the normal operation of the facility/equipment.

Supporting information

10.19 Hazardous substances consent is required for the presence of certain quantities of hazardous substances, in accordance with the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2015. Cheshire East is the Hazardous Substances Authority (HSA) and responsible for determining applications for Hazardous Substance Consents, in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE will consider the hazards and risks that the hazardous substance may present to people in the surrounding area, and take account of existing and potential developments, in advising the HSA on whether or not consent should be granted. Planning permission may also be required for new development associated with the presence of hazardous materials.

10.20 HSE sets a consultation distance around major hazard sites and major accident hazard pipelines after assessing the risks and likely effects of major accidents at the major hazard. Major hazards comprise a wide range of chemical process sites, fuel and chemical storage sites, and pipelines. Cheshire East Council has a statutory duty to consult HSE on certain proposed developments in these consultation zones and take into account the HSE’s recommendation when deciding planning applications.

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