Weston & Basford Neighbourhood Plan


The original Weston & Basford NP  was produced by the steering group in cooperation with Weston and Basford Parish Council. The neighbourhood area for the Weston & Basford NP was designated on the 5 May 2015 after a public consultation between the 14 January 2015 and the 24 February 2015.

Consultation on the draft plan took place between the 12 December 2016 and the 23 January 2017. The submitted plan public consultation took place between the 9 May 2017 and the 20 June 2017.

Independent examination on the submitted plan took place between the 7 July 2017 and the 31 August 2017. Incorporating the examiner's recommendations from their report, local referendum on the NP  took place on the 16 November 2017.

The original Weston & Basford NP  was made on the 18 December 2017 after a vote in favour was returned by residents at referendum.

The modification process on the Weston & Basford NP  began in 2023 by the steering group in cooperation with the new Weston and Crewe Green Parish Council, which was formed as a result of the Cheshire East Council Community Governance Review.

The neighbourhood area designated in 2015 remained the extent of the plan area. Consultation on the draft modification plan took place between the 9 March 2023 and the 30 April 2023. The submitted modification plan public consultation took place between the 29 of August 2023 and the 23 of October 2023. Independent examination on the submitted modification plan took place between the 17 November 2023 and the 30 January 2024, the examiner's report concluded that the modifications made meant that a second referendum was not required.

The Weston & Basford NP  modification was made on the 20 February 2024.

Note: previously publicised documents relevant to the plan-making process have been archived and are available upon request by email from the Neighbourhood Planning Team.

Page last reviewed: 09 May 2024