Community governance review

We are conducting a review of town and parish council governance arrangements across the Cheshire East Borough.

Cheshire East has 186 town and parish council wards in 135 town and parish councils covering the whole borough. Cheshire East Council is responsible for electoral and governance arrangements within the borough including

  • town and parish boundaries
  • numbers of town and parish councillors
  • arrangements for wards and the meetings of groups of parish councils

It is good practice to review community governance every 10-15 years. Cheshire East Council was created in 2009 and has yet to hold a full review of town and parish council governance.

The council is aware of a small number of parish council governance-related issues, together with other matters which have arisen, for example, in connection with recent and proposed developments. The review will deal with these in borough-wide, coordinated way, so at to ensure consistency of approach.

We have undertaken a pre-consultation survey, to understand the views of stakeholders on the governance of town and parish councils. Council considered the results of this survey in preparing draft consultation proposals.  These proposals were approved by the meeting of Full Council on 22 June 2021. Council approved the next stage of the review, which is to formally consult, for a 12 week period, upon the draft proposals which it approved.

The formal consultation is now live and can be see on the Consultations in Cheshire East page.

Constitution Committee considered a report at Item 13 of the Agenda on 6 April 2021, which provides details of the Council’s draft proposals on which the consultation has been based.

We hope to conclude the review well before the May 2023 local elections.

You can see details about the review and its terms of reference in the report to the Constitution Committee on 20 September 2018. Community Governance Review Report to Constitution Committee 20 September 2018 (PDF, 95KB)

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