Community Flood Resilience Planning

Flood water management

A key theme of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 is for flood risk management authorities to work in partnership to deliver flood risk management better to the benefit their communities. To achieve this, it is imperative that all agencies, riparian owners and property and land owners do their bit.

If you live in an area of flood risk, this means your property is at risk of flooding. If you have never experienced flooding at this location this does not mean that the risk is lessened. If the property has recently flooded, then it is still at risk from future flood events.

If your community is at risk of flooding and  you wish to establish a community Flood Community Resilience plan, help, support and guidance is available from the Cheshire East Council and the Environment Agency. Contact us so that together we can make Cheshire East communities more resilient to flooding:

Flood Action Groups

Flood action groups are voluntary groups of local residents who meet on a regular basis to work on behalf of the wider community to help to try and reduce the impact of future flood events.

The focus of the group can be based around emergency planning and can also tackle local issues, whilst providing a unified voice for the community to communicate ideas and queries to others. For help and support establishing a new Flood Action group see:

The residents in Poynton Town Council have established a residents Flood Action Group and a Flood Working Group.

Community flood newsletters

Community Flood Schemes / Natural Flood Management

Community Flood Schemes are to increase a community’s resilience to flooding. They can be as big or small as required to suit the community. They may involve working collaboratively with a range of different stakeholders including local land owners.

Natural Flood Management schemes worth with natural processes to capture and store water in upper catchments. Working collaboratively with local Landowners a number of Natural Flow Management Schemes are being developed across Cheshire East to slow the flow of flood water downstream.

 Local  NFM intervention sites:

  • Poynton
  • Macclesfield Forest
  • Lyme Park (National Trust)
  • Kettleshulme
  • Pott Shrigley

If you own land in a flood affected catchment then please contact us to find out about the possibility of DEFRA funded interventions on your land:


Page last reviewed: 03 May 2022