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Engagement and coproduction opportunities in Cheshire East

TOGETHER is our shared definition of co production in Cheshire East because  TOGETHER is inclusive to all.

Opportunities in Cheshire East

There are many opportunities for local children, young people, families and adults to be involved in shaping, evaluating and delivering services in Cheshire East, including:

For young people

  • The  SEND Youth Forum  (now known as Jigsaw) allows young people with SEND or any additional needs to come together to influence change in wider SEND services. The group meets every Thursday evening 6:00-7:30pm and alternates between Macclesfield and Crewe. Additionally there are 3 termly events each year for 5-11 year olds and 11-16 year olds that where the commissioning team, health and other partners can capture the voice of SEND children and young people. The Participation team also deliver activity days with SEND Early Years children, early years Cared for Children and early years children with SEND (0-5s) and parents/carers to capture their voice through interactive workshops and sessions.
  • The Cheshire East Youth Council  is made up of two Members of Youth Parliament, six Deputy Members of Youth Parliament and other members. All members of Cheshire East Youth Council represent voices of children and young people that attend smaller local groups e.g. My Voice (Children in Care Council) and the SEND Youth Forum (Jigsaw). The Youth Council meets every Monday 6:30-8:00pm and alternates between Congleton and Crewe. The group gives young people aged 11-18 (25 if SEND or Care Experienced) an opportunity to develop and work on their campaigns e.g. mental health education, LGBT education, substance misuse awareness. Cheshire East Youth Council are also involved in the tender/commissioning process e.g substance misuse service tender and Emotionally Healthy Schools Phase 3 surveys. 
  • My Voice (Children in Care Council) meets every Tuesday evening 6:30-8:00pm during term time at the Congleton Suite beneath Congleton Library. It is a group for Cared for Children and Care Leavers aged 11-25. My Voice not only works to create better chances for Cared for Children and Care Leavers but also works on campaigns that they are passionate about. My Voice have already been involved with improving services and the recommissioning of Emotionally Healthy Schools.
  • All participation groups now have a blended offer of face to face and Microsoft Teams to ensure there are more opportunities to take part and have a say.

For carers

  • There are volunteering opportunities for Carers to be involved in the Carers Hub, for example the Carers Hub 24/7 CHAT service which is run by Carers. We are planning to develop a local Carers Reference Group soon, so watch this space for further information about how to be involved.
  • The Cheshire East Parent Carers Forum is a voluntary sector organisation who are actively involved in the co production of services for children and young people.

For anyone

  • The role of the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board is to represent everyone in Cheshire East who has a learning disability and to be your voice. You can join the board to be involved in shaping local Learning Disabilities services in Cheshire East.
  • You can volunteer for your local Substance Misuse Service. There are exciting opportunities to be involved such as peer mentors or recovery champions. 
  • The Investing in Children and Young People’s Partnership involves partner organisations and teams within Cheshire East that work with children and young people. The purpose of the partnership is to share best practice of participation and promote the voice of children and young people; co production is key to the partnership. If you would like to work with professionals that have access to children and young people in different areas then please email
  • The Open Data Portal provides a range of data sets across Cheshire East along with the Cheshire East contracts register.
  • All formal Consultations for Cheshire East Council are available to view.
  • The Consultation Portal enables people to search current and previous consultations. 
  • The Digital Influence Panel consists of nearly 1,300 members from across the Borough. Members have volunteered to regularly take part in research exercises, usually surveys, results from which we use to influence the council and the Borough for the better.
  • Equality Impact Assessments help us to put right inequalities, increase public confidence and serve all sections of the community according to their circumstances and needs. We carry out these assessments to ensure we have a positive impact upon on people who use our services.

Page last reviewed: 07 September 2021

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