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Assistive Technology (also sometimes referred to as Telecare) is a range of electronic gadgets that can help you to live independently in your own home. This includes things such as:

  • sensors/detectors that link to a monitoring centre. For example; a falls detector, pendant alarm, smoke, low temperature and property exit sensors
  • devices which use  GPS to raise alerts to a carer or monitoring centres
  • triggers/sensors that can support a person or their carer in and around the home.  For example; pendant buttons, door contacts or motion sensors linked to a pager

The service includes support from a response centre and a falls pick up service.

Who can use the service

This service is for adults over 18 years living in their own home (this excludes residential/care homes).

There are three ways you can access this:

  • By speaking to an Assistive Technology Provider. The Council’s Partner for Assistive Technology is Livity Life (formerly known as Millbrook). You can contact them to speak to them about accessing the service privately on the number 0800 130 0011
  • By visit the Mi-Guardian website and using their contact form
  • Or by emailing

Who would particularly benefit from telecare

There are a wide range of people who benefit from use of Assistive Technology devices. This includes:

  • older people
  • a family member, friend or carer of someone with care needs who wants reassurance that they are safe
  • people with a mental health condition
  • people with autism or dementia
  • people with a health condition such as diabetes or a stroke
  • people with a physical disability

There is good evidence that it is an effective way of allowing a person with care needs to stay in their own home rather than needing more intensive care support including residential care.

What is the cost

Assessment for the service is free. However, if the service is obtained privately a regular payment will be required to the organisation. If technology is recommended as part of a social care needs assessment then the Council’s Adult Social Care Charging Policy will apply. This will mean a flat rate charge is applied for the service.

Page last reviewed: 04 January 2024

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