Remote support to keep people safe

Telecare’ is a type of monitored alarm equipment (known as assistive technology) that can help you (or a relative) to maintain your independence and to remain living in your own home for as long as is safely possible.

Sensors in your home are linked through your phone line to a 24 hour staffed monitoring centre. If the sensor detects a potential danger, such as smoke or if you fall, it will automatically call the monitoring centre. Staff at the monitoring centre will then phone you and if necessary they can request further help from your family, friends / neighbours or the emergency services. It can also be used to:

  • remind you of important things, eg a reminder to take your medication
  • keep you safe if you leave the house, eg a door sensor that sends an alert to the monitoring centre that you have left/returned to your house
  • ensure you are well eg a bed sensor that informs the monitoring centre that you have got out of bed at a time that isn’t within your normal pattern
  • ensure your living environment is safe. This could include the use of smoke / heat rise / carbon monoxide / gas detectors.

The service provides reassurance for your carers and relatives and help to keep you safe in your own home.

If you think you or a relative would benefit from this Telecare service, use the button below to view services that you can contact and arrange this remote support yourself. If you are 85+ you are eligible for free telecare, but you will have to an assessed care need.

However if you have eligible needs and would like us to arrange this service for you, you will need to have an assessment by one of our social care teams and the equipment and type of support that you will receive will depend on the outcome of your assessment.

If you are deemed eligible for the service based on your needs, we will pay for the equipment, installation, removal and maintenance. You may need to pay a small charge which covers the cost of monitoring the equipment and any visits that you may need. This is a flat rate charge and is not affected by your income or savings.