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Keeping physically active improves your health and quality of life, and can also help you to live longer. It's never too late to start doing some exercise.

Being active has many benefits and can help to:

  • reduce tiredness
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • improve your mood and quality of life
  • strengthen your muscles, joints and bones
  • look after your heart and reduce the risk of other health problems

The best type of activity is one that makes you feel slightly warmer and breathe a bit heavier, getting your heart and pulse pumping faster than usual.

One You Cheshire East offers free, friendly local support to help you move more.

In addition popular free walk leaflets are provided by our ranger service and the public rights of way team that are free to download and print off.

Everybody Health and Leisure is an official provider for One You

Cheshire East and you can contact a member of the team at:

Everybody Healthy on 01625 383943 or
Email for more information.

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