Nelson Pit Visitor Centre Car Park

Height restricted entrance - Maximum headroom 2.0m.

Car park charges

Nelson Pit Visitor Centre operates a Pay and Display car parking system for all visitors. 

Controlled hours 09:00 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday.

Please make sure that you have the correct change for the ticket machine as the machine does not give change. You can also pay for parking using card, contactless or with PayByPhone.

PayByPhone allows you to pay for your parking without having to visit a parking meter - you just need a mobile phone and a payment card. The Nelson Pit Visitor Centre PayByPhone location number is 804718.

The current charges are detailed below:

Nelson Pit carpark charges
Car parking ticket type Charges 

Annual permit which allows the holder to park a vehicle in this car park and at the car parks at Nelson Pit Visitor Centre, Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve and Tegg's Nose Country Park


Casual tickets under 1 hour  £1.00
Casual visit 1 to 3 hours £2.00
Casual visit 3 hours to 10 hours £3.00
Blue badge holders No charge
Full day rate tariffs Charges
1 day £3.00
2 days £6.00
3 days £9.00
4 days £12.00
5 days £15.00
6 days £18.00
7 days £21.00
8 days £24.00
9 days £27.00
10 days £30.00
11 days £33.00
12 days £36.00
13 days £39.00
14 days £42.00
15 days £45.00
16 days £48.00

How to apply for a Nelson Pit Visitor Centre car park annual permit

There is no individual parking permit for the Nelson Pit car park, however you can purchase a multi-site parking permit, which also gives you parking rights to Tegg's Nose Country Park, Macclesfield and Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve near Congleton.

This multi-site parking permit can be purchased online via the Countryside parks parking permit form.

There is no overnight parking permitted for annual permit holders.

Existing permit holders also need to visit the parking permit online form if they wish to renew their permit.

Before applying for a parking permit, please review the parking permit terms and conditions.

Individual annual permits are available for Tegg’s Nose Country Park and Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve car parks.

What to do if you change one (or both) of the vehicles shown on your Annual Parking Permit

Please send your existing parking permit, together with a covering letter giving details of the new registration number(s) and the one(s) which has/have been replaced, to:

Technical Support Officer
Cheshire East Borough Council
Countryside Ranger Service
Floor 2
Old Building
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

There is no charge for this and the new (replacement) permit which will have the same expiry date as your existing one.

Please also remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for your new permit to be sent to you, as we are unable to pay return postage.

Page last reviewed: 10 June 2021