Activities and information about Brereton Heath local nature reserve

Parking charges suspended

Parking charges in Cheshire East-run car parks have been temporarily suspended as part of a number of service changes made in response to Covid-19, this only applies to car parks operated by Cheshire East Council

We are taking all possible steps in the fight against Covid-19 and have taken this decision to support keyworkers and to help prevent the risk of spreading the disease through contact.

People who use Ringo to pay parking charges by mobile phone need not pay either and should be alerted to this by the app on their phone. We have contacted Ringo to inform them of this decision.

Annual car parking permit applications for Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve, Tegg’s Nose Country Park and Nelson Pit are not being processed because car park charges have been suspended. Please do not submit an application form until car park charging recommences.

Brereton Heath car park charges

Brereton Heath operates a Pay and Display car parking system for all visitors. Please ensure that you have the correct change for the ticket machine as the machine does not give change. The current charges are detailed below.

Brereton Heath Car Park Charges
Car Parking Ticket TypeCharges

Annual parking permit for Brereton Heath only

Please note the new charge from April 1 2020



Annual permit for approved clubs

Please note the new charge from April 1 2020



Casual tickets under 1 hour £0.80
Casual visit 1 to 3 hours £2.00
Casual visit 3 hours to 10 hours £3.00
Blue badge holders No Charge

An annual permit which allows the holder to park a vehicle in this car park and at the car parks at both Nelson Pit Visitor Centre and Tegg’s Nose Country Park 

Please note the new charge from April 1 2020



What to do if you change one (or both) of the vehicles shown on your Annual Parking Permit

Please send your existing parking permit, together with a covering letter giving details of the new registration number(s) and the one(s) which has/have been replaced, to :

Technical Support Officer
Cheshire East Borough Council
Countryside Ranger Service
Floor 2
Old Building
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

There is no charge for this and the new (replacement) permit  will have the same expiry date as your existing one.

Please also remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for your new permit to be sent to you, as we are unable to pay return postage.

To apply for an annual Brereton Heath only parking permit

Download, complete and return the Brereton Heath annual parking permit application form (PDF, 321KB).

To apply for an annual multi site permit

This allows the holder to park a vehicle at Brereton Heath car park and at the car parks at Nelson Pit Visitor Centre and Tegg’s Nose Country park

Apply for an annual permit by downloading, completing and returning the NPVC , TNCP and BHLNR  multi site parking application form  (PDF, 279KB)

Existing permit holders also need to complete and return the above form if they wish to renew their permit.

Individual annual permits are available for Tegg’s Nose Country Park and Brereton Heath Local Nature reserve car parks.

Orienteering at Brereton Heath

A permanent orienteering course is available.

Maps cost £1 each and are available via post, or the park office (please note that the office is not permanently staffed).

Canoeing at Brereton Heath

Annual canoe permits are available for groups only, costing £10.70 per year, per canoe. Canoe permits can be applied for by completing the Canoe Permit application form (PDF 171KB).

The Macclesfield Canoe Club utilise the lake for training. For more information please visit the Macclesfield Canoe Club website.

Read the General Conditions for lake use at Brereton Heath LNR prior to use, general lake use conditions (PDF, 172KB).

Angling at Brereton Heath

Angling day tickets are available from Wheelock Angling Society, cost £5.00 per rod. Day ticket angling points are numbered 1 to 6 in the bay to the left of the car park.

There is currently no closed season for fishing at Brereton.

Educational visits to Brereton Heath

Self-guided educational visits to the reserve can be made by appointment.