Road closures for events

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To close/restrict a road for an event, you must first register with our Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG), see event organisers.


Road closures for events can be arranged using the following legislation:

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Town Police Clauses Act 1847

This gives Local Authorities powers for preventing obstruction of the streets in times of public procession, rejoicing, or illuminations, and in any case when the streets are thronged or liable to be obstructed.

It may apply to a special occasion when the ordinary day to day use of a street or highway is likely to be obstructed by substantial numbers of people, on foot or in a vehicle, participating as spectators or otherwise in the occasion.

Not all orders under this power need take the form of a closure. This Act can be used for commercial and non commercial events

This power is normally used for carnivals and processions where the closure is for a short duration and / or traffic management requirements are not substantial.

Further information can be found on the Town Police Clauses notes to accompany an application for a temporary road closure under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Special Events Orders under Section 16A-C of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

This gives Local Authorities powers to make orders to regulate traffic on a temporary basis to facilitate the holding of major sporting events, social events or entertainments on the highway. The restrictions may be imposed for a maximum of three days or longer with the consent of the Secretary of State. Only one such set of restrictions may be imposed on any particular section of road in a calendar year unless the Secretary of State consents.

This power is rarely used as it is for major on road events.

Applying for a road closure for an event

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The current charges apply for temporary Closures
Town Police Clauses Act – Organised by Charities, community groups and non-profit making organisations No Charge
Town Police Clauses Act - Where the event is organised by a non-profit making organisation / charity but there is a significant commercial element (no rebate for subsequently cancelled applications) £350.00
Town Police Clauses Act - Where the event is organised directly by a commercial organisation (no rebate for subsequently cancelled applications) £1,300 plus £310.00 for each restriction

Special Events Order - High profile events

£2,175 plus £310.00 for each restriction

Charge for rejected / cancelled unprocessed applications


Fees are non-refundable.

If an event is being organised by a non profit organisation and there is a fee for participants to enter/attend the event, charges are applicable for the road closure(s).

Apply for road closure order for an event (PDF, 43KB)

We will require the following documents with your completed application:

  • Evidence of public liability insurance cover for £5 million.
  • Risk assessment
  • Traffic management plan from your appointed TM Company

Your Traffic Management Plan must include:

  • (a) a plan showing positions of the road closure/route diversion signs/barriers
  • (b) a description of wording/size/colour of the road closure/ diversion/ signs/barriers
  • (c) details of stewards/marshals.
  • All signs must conform to The Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8. It may be necessary for the organiser of the event to employ a competent traffic management organisation.

All road closures require a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice. Any applications received that are not fully complete, with less than 8 weeks’ notice will not be processed. Any applications that are received that are partly complete will be returned and dismissed until all documentation and payments are received together.

Once you receive your approval, we are unable to make any changes for example to dates or times.

If you have any problems when applying, email

Advance warning signs for road closures

Advance warning signs are erected 2 weeks prior to the event (The signs must be at either end of each closure point, but on the road, you are closing).

Informing businesses and residents

All businesses and residents within the affected area are informed at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Health and safety

You must comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and codes of practice including the Department for Transport’s  Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice and the following must be adhered to:

  • Each road closure must be manned by a qualified operative, only a qualified operatives can stop any form of road user.
  • Access for residents, businesses & emergency services (this includes blue light, vets, carers etc) to be maintained at all times.

Signage during the road closure 

Ensure all signs are erected by your appointed Traffic Management Company/qualified personnel and are maintained ensuring clear visibility. Signs must not be erected by untrained marshals.

Clearing the site

Once complete all signage must be removed and any rubbish must be cleared. If we have to dispose of any apparatus/rubbish left on site, a cost will be incurred. 

Failure to comply with any of these listed responsibilities, will result in the permission for the road closure/restriction being withdrawn. This means the event will not be able to take place on the highway.

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