Highway projection licence

Cheshire East Council wishes to see local businesses flourish but the ad-hoc placing of signs and goods can create difficulties for some highways users.

Licences are required for any display that may protrude or project over a public highway. This includes structures such as promotional archways or advertising boards, displays of goods for sale, tower cranes, canopies, flower displays, CCTV equipment and building materials or temporary holes in the footway.

Certain 'accepted signs' are permitted providing they are not considered a hazard to road users. These include signs for events organised by recognised community groups, which are 'not for profit' and are for the benefit of the community. Examples include village fetes and charity firework displays.



Application evaluation

We will assess the application proposal based on safety factors and the physical impact on highways users.

There are additional factors considered for displays of goods for sale on the pavement. For instance, alcohol or hazardous materials such as gas bottles are not permitted.

Eligibility criteria

This licence is more usually granted as part of the planning permission process and you should check whether planning permission is required.

You must have the permission of the landowner before erecting a display.

Offences and penalties

Area Highways Offices do receive regular complaints regarding 'illegal' features. Officers have taken and will continue to take action when specific problems are reported as presenting a clear and immediate hazard to highways users.

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