Scaffolding and Hoarding Licences

When carrying out any building work/maintenance or removal of any part of a property which is adjacent to the public highway (road, pavement or near lane), the safety of all users of the highway must be paramount. This is achieved by providing safe areas at ground level by erecting a hoarding or at high level with a platform.

Any scaffold, hoarding or similar structure to be erected on the highway requires a permit, although the need for a hoarding can be dispensed with subject to written consent being granted by the Highway Authority.

You should give 5 days notice when submitting an application.


A sketch of the proposed site should be included with the application. If required, contact us for advice before submitting your form.

A contractor or a resident can complete the form.

The relevant public liability insurance details must be provided at the time of the application.


This fee must be paid to the authority. The application must be completed online and paid with a debit or credit card.The licence fee for a single street application for the first week is £100.40 plus the required two visits at £74.10 per visit – Total £248.60

For each week thereafter an additional £74.10 per inspection visit must be paid.If numerous frontages or streets are required, an additional licence fee will be required at £100.40 per licence however the inspection fee will only be charged per application not per street.

For an Inspection or consideration for scaffolds erected without permission there will be a charge of £474.30

Eligibility criteria

Contractors carrying out the work must have public liability insurance in excess of £5million.


  • Highways Act 1980 Section 169

Skip permits

Skip suppliers can apply for permits.

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