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Submitting an application to carry out works to protected trees

Any person who intends to carry out work to a protected tree is required to submit a Tree Work Application Form.

Anyone proposing to carry out works to trees within a Conservation Area is required to give the Local Planning Authority six weeks prior notice before carrying out works on any tree over 75mm in diameter (or 100mm if the works are being carried out to improve the growth of other trees) measured at 1.5 metres high. This gives the Authority the opportunity to consider making a Tree Preservation Order.

Applicants are encouraged to seek the advice of an Arboriculturist or their local Tree Contractor before making such an application.

Your application will be part of the public register and be accessible via the Council’s planning applications system and can in certain circumstances be copied to neighbours and other third parties. You should draw our attention to any sensitive private information which you would not wish made available in this way.

Non Planning Portal Application

If you cannot use the Planning Portal and you will need to submit your application by post. Download and complete the Tree Work Application Form (PDF, 261KB) and send it to:

Development Management
PO Box 606
Municipal Buildings

Please note that:

  • The forms must be completed in their entirety.
  • A separate plan is now mandatory and must clearly identify the position of the protected trees to be worked on in relation to adjacent roads, boundaries and buildings as well as providing a clear indication of the locality and the direction of north.
  • Hand-drawn plans may be submitted, but you are strongly urged to use Ordnance Survey (OS) based plans. Plans that contain errors, such as incorrect location of trees, will be invalidated. If such errors come to light during the site visit, your application may well be invalidated until such time that the correct information can be supplied.
  • If you make an electronic application through the Planning Portal you will be given an opportunity to purchase an Ordnance Survey plan during this process.
  • The works must be clearly specified and any crown volume, height reduction, thinning, branch shortening or crown lifting must be described by quantity such as length or percentage, or pollarding to a particular height or back to previous points of reduction, or secondary points / branches.
  • You must include proper reasons for the works. Statements such as “in the interests of good arboricultural practice” or “for reasons of safety” will no longer be acceptable on their own. Reasons could include that the works are for improving light to the garden or property, to maintain the size of the tree or reduce leaf debris. If the works are for safety, then explain what the problems are ie. to remove a damaged branch from over the house or road.
  • Where requests are made to remove trees because it is claimed that they are diseased, or unsafe in any way, the application must be accompanied by appropriate supporting arboricultural information which identifies the particular problem. For simpler, more obvious problems you may include this information in the reasons as noted in the previous paragraph. In cases of damage such as subsidence, appropriate engineering, arboricultural and site assessment reports must be included with the application at the time it is made.

Appeals and compensation

If we refuse an application we will explain our reasons for our decision and you will have a right of appeal.

The Right of Appeal

Appealing against local authority decisions on applications.

Appeals can be made to: The Planning Inspectorate

The Environment Team
Room 4/04
Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2, The Square
Temple Quay
BS1 6PN or phone: 0303 444 5000 between between 08:30 - 16:30 Monday to Friday.


Compensating for loss or damage.

Further advice on how the appeal process works can be obtained by downloading A Guide for Appellants
on procedures for appeals (PDF, 144 KB).

Finding a Tree Surgeon or Arboricultural Consultant

Page last reviewed: 06 July 2021