Claim for damage caused by a council tree

If you think one of our trees has damaged your property, you should first contact your insurer. They will make the claim for you. 

To make a claim, your insurer must be able to prove that the tree is causing the damage. If your claim is related to subsidence, is important to note that there can be causes other than tree roots. 

Claims must include:

  • an arboricultural report including an assessment of the vegetation within the site and adjacent to the site, with recommendations for future management together with assessment of any other evidence in connection with the alleged damage
  • the circumstances and date that the damage was first discovered and any previous history of subsidence at the insured property
  • an assessment of the alleged damage (description, classification and category of damage in accordance with Table 1 of BRE Digest 251)
  • full cyclical crack and/or level monitoring
  • description and depth of property’s foundation
  • a structural engineer's assessment of the mechanism of movement and damage progression
  • soil geology and soil description from trial pit/bore hole investigation (min. 2 trial pits - 1 control)
  • soil plasticity - Atteburg Liquid Limits (LL); Atteburg Plastic Limits (PL) and Plasticity Index (PI) to BS 1377: Part 2:1990 Clause 4.4
  • oedometer test in accordance with BS1377-5 (moisture content dessication test)
  • assessment of heave potential should trees be removed
  • root analysis/investigation report
  • drainage investigation report
  • estimated cost of repair if tree retained
  • estimated cost of repair if tree removed

To make a claim, email  

Page last reviewed: 03 February 2023