Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life. In other words, behaviour that undermines any person’s right to enjoy their home, their neighbourhood and their daily life in peace and safety.

This can include:

  • persistent noise
  • verbal abuse or threats
  • threatening and intimidating behaviour
  • graffiti and damage to the property.

It reduces feelings of safety and will not be tolerated.

The Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team work with partnership agencies to tackle this sort of behaviour.

Who to contact

Our dedicated contact number is 0300 123 5030 or e-mail us.

Our lines are open during normal office hours. 

We provide expert guidance and advice on tackling anti-social behaviour and will look into any query or report you have.

If you would like more information with regards to what support we can offer you in order to assist with the problems you are experiencing or you:

  • would like some help and advice with regards to concerns about any member of your family that you feel may be involved with this sort of behaviour
  • have reported incidents to the Police/Council/landlord, but would like some extra support.

We are not a reactive service. If you are experiencing any of the following anti-social behaviour contact the relevant agency:

101 - Cheshire Constabulary general number

Contact the Police to report any Anti-Social behaviour that has left you or an individual feeling threatened, intimidated, harassed, caused any form of damage to you, another or your property etc.. 

View the Cheshire Constabulary Website to find out more about your local officers, area and how the Police deal with Anti-Social Behaviour.

0300 123 5015 – Environmental Health

To report any noise nuisance including domestic, industrial/commercial, burglar alarms, construction and development work. To find out more about noise nuisance and what is classed as noise nuisance visit our Environmental Health page.

0300 123 5021 – Environmental Anti-Social Behaviour (Cheshire East Council Community Wardens)

To report littering/flytipping, dog fouling, enforcement and removal of abandoned vehicles.

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Page last reviewed: 06 July 2023