Cheshire Police

You can contact Cheshire Police through their website, in an emergency you should telephone 999. Messages sent from the site may not be checked regularly and the contact form should NEVER be used for crime or policing enquiries.
If you wish to report a crime, please call your local police station, or in an emergency dial 999. 

Only dial 999 if

  • there is danger to life
  • violence is used or threatened
  • a serious crime is progressed or likely to occur
  • a suspect for a serious crime is nearby
  • there has been a road crash injuring someone or causing danger to others
  • a person who is especially vulnerable needs assistance

The general telephone number for all non-emergency enquiries is 101.

Cheshire Constabulary contact details

Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters
Clemonds Hey
Oaksmere Road


Phone: 101

Fax: 0845 359 5909

Page last reviewed: 10 November 2022