Cheshire East enforcement policy

Cheshire East is an enforcing council. This means we work to protect both the public and the environment to make Cheshire East a safe place to live and work.  

We work with our local residents, businesses and voluntary and community organisations to provide practical proactive help and advice to help them achieve compliance with the law. However there will be occasions when formal enforcement action is required.

The Cheshire East Enforcement Policy provides an overarching view on how Cheshire East Council and its officers undertake regulatory and enforcement action as part of our day to day work and the informal and formal actions that are available to us.

The overarching policy contains contact details of where to address complaints, compliments and suggestions about the policy and its content.  Any comments or questions about the service specific policies should be directed to the individual service area.

This more service specific information addresses the subtle differences that exist due to the variety of legislation and guidance available to regulatory activities. 

Page last reviewed: 01 December 2022