Abandoned vehicle

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

It is helpful if you can give us as many details as possible about the vehicle, for example where the vehicle is parked, its registration number, colour and make of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is taxed and the state of the vehicle (burnt out or wreck).

If you can't obtain any of the above details we shall send someone out to investigate the vehicle.

The time it takes to remove a vehicle

We aim to respond to all reported vehicles within 5 working days of the original call, however we are currently experiencing a high level of requests of this nature leading our response times being up to and sometimes over 10 working days. The length of our investigation once instigated will depend on the state of the vehicle and the length of our enquiries to determine whether a vehicle is eligible for removal.

When we have carried out all of our checks and ascertain that the vehicle is suitable for removal, we will then notify our salvage company who will make arrangements for collection.

If a vehicle is in a dangerous state then we will make arrangements for an immediate removal.

Steps to remove a vehicle

  1. Reporting the possible abandoned vehicle.
  2. Call responded to within 5 working days.
  3. If vehicle is identified as abandoned, the vehicle is then removed to secure storage and a letter sent to registered owner giving 7 days notice to reclaim vehicle

Legislation and fees

The council have adopted the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 to tackle Abandoned and Nuisance vehicles.  This allows the council to issue fixed penalty notices of £200 to persons found to be abandoning a vehicle on the highway, and fixed penalty notices of £100 to persons found selling 2 or more vehicles on the highway. It also allows the council to remove vehicles immediately without prior notice. The last registered keeper of the vehicle may be liable for any costs incurred.

The vehicle will then be stored for a period of 7 days after which the vehicle is destroyed if no owner reclaims the vehicle.

The current charges are £105 removal, £12 per day storage and £55 destruction fee. Charges are liable up to 12 months after the removal if an owner of the vehicle is established.

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Page last reviewed: 16 October 2019