Council Tax refunds

If there is an overpayment showing on your account, we will allocate it to any other outstanding Council Tax accounts you may have. If you do not have any outstanding accounts we will take what we owe you off your next bill or if you'd rather have the money now you can ask us to pay it into your bank account. In order to minimize potential fraud we normally only refund direct to a bank account. We don’t normally issue refunds for amounts under £5.00.

If you paid by direct debit we will normally use these details.

Occasionally a credit can occur due to an error and if this is found to be the case we have the right to refuse to refund.

Where you will be due a refund because you have moved or something else has changed, you will first need to tell us about the change in circumstances.

Contact the Council Tax team to ask for a refund

If you get an unexpected call or message about a Council Tax refund, be careful - see  Council Tax scams.

What happens next

We’ll check that you’re due a refund. If you are, we should be able to pay it within 20 working days. Refund payments are only issued once a week.

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