Council Tax change of circumstances 

You must tell us about any change in your circumstances that may affect your Council Tax so we can make sure your Council Tax is right. 

Where the change might affect how much Council Tax you pay, you might pay too much if you don’t tell us immediately. Or you might not pay enough, and have to pay the extra later all in one go.

The law says you must tell us within 21 days of the change. If it’s already been longer than 21 days, you should tell us straightaway. 

How to tell the Council Tax team about changes of circumstance

Use the forms on our  Change of address page if: 

  • you move house (on or after the date of the move) 
  • you are a landlord and need to report tenants moving in or out

Use the forms on our  Council Tax reductions page to tell us that 

  • you're now the only person over 18 in the property and you want to start claiming 25% Single Person Discount
  • you're no longer the only person over 18 in the property and you want to stop claiming 25% Single Person Discount

If your circumstances have changed in another way and you think you might be able to pay less, you can find out about   Council Tax reductions for occupied properties and  Council Tax reductions for unoccupied properties.

Tell us about a change in circumstances

Use our change of circumstances form to:

  • change the name on your bill, or tell us we have got your name wrong

or to tell us that:

  • your correspondence address has changed
  • someone has moved into or out of your property
  • you have a property that was previously unoccupied
  • you have moved into a property you already owned
  • something has changed that might affect a reduction you currently receive

You don't need to tell us about new adults moving in if you are currently paying the full Council Tax charge. 

If you are claiming Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit, you will also need to tell our Benefits team about the change of circumstance.

If someone else is helping you sort out your Council Tax, you can give us permission to talk to them by signing our authority to disclose form (PDF, 151KB)

What happens next when you tell us about a change of circumstance

We'll send you a new Council Tax bill confirming the new details. We’ll let you know within 20 working days if the amount you need to pay changes. It might take longer if we need to ask you for more information.

Reporting a death

For information about Council Tax when someone dies and how to report a death, see Council Tax when someone dies