Council Tax change of address

It's important to tell us about changes of address so we can make sure your council tax is right.

For people buying or selling a property, liability for Council Tax starts or ends on the day of completion. People renting are liable for Council Tax from the date the tenancy agreement starts until the date the tenancy agreement ends.

If you move into a new build or recently converted property it will need to be banded by the Valuation Office Agency, which is an executive agency of the Inland Revenue. When this has been carried out they will inform the Council of the banding slightly after notifying you. We will not be able to issue a bill until we have received this official notification. If you want to start making payments on account before you have received your bill please contact the Council Tax team.

When to tell us you're moving

You can tell us about the change on the day of the move or as soon as you can afterwards. You cannot tell us about a move more than 31 days in advance, so if you are moving after, please contact us nearer the time.

The law says you must tell us about a move within 21 days even if the move is only temporary. If it's already been longer than 21 days since you moved, you should tell us straight away.

Where the house move might affect how much Council Tax you pay, you might pay too much if you don't tell us immediately. Or you might not pay enough, and have to pay the extra later all in one go. You need to tell us about the move even where someone else is paying the Council Tax.

To complete this form you will need your Landlord’s details if you were or are now renting a property, solicitor’s details if you have bought or sold a property and your bank details if you wish to pay by direct debit.

How to tell us about a change of address for Council Tax

You can check which local authority covers an address at GOV.UK.

Moving House

Use this form to let us know about a change of address or to register for Council Tax

Tell us you are moving

You will need your:

  • landlord or agent’s details and any joint tenant details if you were or are now renting a property
  • solicitors and any joint owner’s details if you’re buying or selling the property
  • email address and bank details if you wish to pay by direct debit

Landlords and Managing Agents

You can tell us about a change of tenancy at one or more of your properties in Cheshire East.

Report a change of tenancy

You will need your tenants’ names, moving dates and tenancy dates.

Important:  If you are an Agent completing the form on behalf of the Landlord / Owner you must enter the Landlord or Owners details in this form, not your own.

If you are unable to use the forms or your situation is not covered by the forms you can call us from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, on 0300 123 5013.

What happens next

We'll issue a Council Tax bill confirming the new details. If you have an online account you can see this online. We'll let you know within 20 working days if the amount you need to pay changes. It might take longer if we need to ask you for more information

Direct debits will normally transfer to the new property - we'll change the amount of the direct debit if needed.

Overpayments and refunds

If you are moving within Cheshire East, we'll credit any overpayment from the old account to the account for your new address.

If you've overpaid and you're moving out of Cheshire East, we'll refund the money to your bank account if we have your bank account details. If we don't already have your bank details, then you'll need to contact the Council Tax team to ask for a refund. 

We don't normally send cheques.

Claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax support

If you're claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and moving house, you'll also need to contact the Benefits team to tell them about the move.

If you're moving in or out of Cheshire East, you'll need to apply again for any Council Tax reductions you get, as these don't transfer over.

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Page last reviewed: 02 November 2021