New build properties

Some properties, particularly new builds, may not be registered on our system or have a Council Tax valuation band assigned.

When dealing with a move into a property that isn’t registered on our systems, you can still use one of our moving forms to tell us about a change of address. We will process the information and update our records as well as notifying the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) that the property needs to be banded. The band of the property is solely the decision of the VOA and not the Council. Once the decision has been made confirmation will be sent in writing both to you and ourselves.

The banding process can take a couple of months, maybe longer. As there is likely to be a delay in you receiving a bill we advise our customers to make provision for the payment of their Council Tax bill.

We recommend that you put money aside to help prevent a big bill whilst you are waiting for your property to be banded.

You can estimate what you think the band may be by considering the value of the property and then refer to the current details of all Council Tax charges  in Cheshire East.

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