About Trading Standards

We protect consumers and maintain a level playing field for reputable businesses to thrive. We work to maintain a fair and safe living and trading environment for consumers and businesses.

To achieve this we:

  • carry out proactive engagement and education projects in communities and provide information and consumer protection news.

  • support businesses by offering professional business advice and guidance, including Primary Authority Partnerships.

  • investigate persistent and/or serious criminal activities and civil law breaches, in particular those involving unsafe goods, fraud, illegal and unfair practices, counterfeiting and illicit goods, scams, doorstep crime (rogue traders) and persistent consumer detriment.

  • audit high risk businesses such as farms, food and feed producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

  • carry out regular market surveillance, being intelligence led to target areas of risk and need to ensure unsafe or illegal goods are not placed on the market, protecting public health.

  • carry out risk based inspections and visits to ensure compliance with legislation including weights and measures and food standards.

  • tackle and prevent the illegal sale of age restricted goods to children and young people.

  • energy performance of buildings (PDF, 390KB) - We are required by legislation to publish our agreement under regulation 34(A) of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012 (as amended) 

  • deprive offenders of the proceeds of their criminal conduct, recover the proceeds of crime and deter the commission of further offences.

  • license explosives, petroleum, sports ground safety and public weighbridges.

  • fulfil our statutory obligations under legislation.

We do not:

  • give advice or opinions to consumers about their individual complaints. 

  • close businesses (we have no powers to do this).

  • obtain redress or take court action on your behalf. Consumers have rights and often if a trader breaks those rights, for example, through providing faulty goods or substandard services the consumer is owed compensation. We do not obtain this compensation on your behalf, however by contacting Citizens Advice consumer service (CACs) you will be given advice and assistance on how to obtain redress for yourself.

  • get you your money back (we have no powers to do this).

  • tell you if we are investigating a business or give you information we hold about them.

  • Our enforcement policy

  • Our Chartered Institute

  • Trading Standards Regulators Code Service Standard (PDF, 159KB)

This document explains what you can expect from Cheshire East Council Trading Standards. Whether you are a business, a member of the public or an employee of a local business we are committed to providing you with an efficient, courteous and helpful service and this document tells you how we aim to do that.

Fees and Charges 2021 - 2022
Trading Standards fees and charges 2023 - 2024Value 

Weights and Measures fees

Cheshire East Council is able to offer a variety of verification, testing and calibration services for businesses. Our qualified officers can test a range of equipment for you including Petrol Pumps, Scales, Weights, Length Measures, or Spirit Measures. We are able to provide certification or test reports and our Equipment is traceable to National Standards.  Minimum Charge 1 Hour. (Set by National Body).

Hourly rate of £72.00 

Explosives (fees set by statute)

Licence - New Set by Statute
Licence - Renewal Set by Statute
Registration - New Set by Statute
Registration - Renewal Set by Statute
Transfer/Variation or Replacement Set by Statute
Fireworks sold all year Set by Statute

Petroleum - (Fees set by statute)

Not exceeding 2,500L Set by Statute
Exceeding 2,500L but not 50,000L Set by Statute
Exceeding 50,000L Set by Statute
Request for search of petroleum files (plus vat) Hourly rate of £72.00
Transfer of Licence Set by Statute
Primary Authority
Hourly Rate £72.00
Business Consultation Advice
Hourly Rate £72.00
Age Restricted Products - Do You Pass
First Time Seller - 2 hour training course £68.00
First Time Offending - Owner/DPS course half day £134.00
Proactive business course  £100.00
Safety of Sports Ground 
Safety of Sports Ground advice (if initiated by the club)  Hourly rate of £72

General Notes

Prices quoted include vat, where applicable, unless otherwise stated

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