Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS)

The government gave Citizens Advice the responsibility to provide consumer advice to the public, this is not a service commissioned by the Council directly and Citizens Advice is a wholly separate organisation.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS) is government funded and the scope of the service is to provide free, impartial advice and information on contracts for goods and services, before, during and after purchase, including legislation or industry regulations and practical guidance. The service provides initial advice to consumers and decides on notification or referral routes to Trading Standards.

Trading Standards will consider all referrals received from CACS ; although this does not mean that contact will be made with the complainant. Trading Standards will only seek to make further enquires or start an investigation where there has been persistent and/or serious criminal activities and civil law breaches and in line with our Enforcement Policy.

Trading Standards do not routinely consider the notifications received from CACS . Instead notifications may be considered in instances such as but not limited to;

  • as part of enquires following a decision to instigate an investigation
  • for the development of intelligence in order to direct the service objectives

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Page last reviewed: 15 March 2021