Macclesfield town centre regeneration

Macclesfield town centre, like others across the country, is facing challenges as so many people turn to online services and retailing and out-of-town shopping destinations. We recognise that town centres need to adapt to remain vital and viable. We are committed to the revitalisation of Macclesfield town centre in a way that captures its heritage, creativity and innovation. The future success of the town centre depends on stakeholders such as the Town Council, the local business community and local residents working together support the town centre. 

Research shows that having a common vision and plan is key. In 2019 with input from stakeholders we developed a Strategic Regeneration Framework to guide the future regeneration of the town. Together we set out a clear vision, objectives and spatial framework for all those interested in investing in and supporting the future of the town.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group was set up. This is a collaborative cross sector group focused on developing a short term recovery plan for the town centre, complementary to the longer term Strategic Regeneration Framework, and progressing initiatives to support the town centre to recover from the pandemic.

The Council, Macclesfield Town Council, a number of developers and town centre landowners, are now pursuing projects aligned to the SRF and the shorter term Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan. The more people helping to pursue the objectives in the SRF, the better chance of future success. Read the document and think what you can do to help, whether you are a potential investor a local business or a local resident. Everyone can do something to help, including individuals making sure that their spending supports the local economy of the town centre. If you have a town centre business we are particularly keen to hear from you.

The Framework and associated delivery plan:

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