Macclesfield town centre regeneration

Macclesfield town centre, like others across the country, is facing challenges as so many people turn to online services and retailing and out-of-town shopping destinations. We recognise that town centres need to adapt to remain vital and viable. We are committed to the revitalisation of Macclesfield town centre in a way that captures its heritage, creativity and innovation. The future success of the town centre depends on stakeholders such as the Town Council, the local business community and local residents working together support the town centre. 

Research shows that having a common vision and plan is key. In 2019 with input from stakeholders we developed a Strategic Regeneration Framework to guide the future regeneration of the town. Together we set out a clear vision, objectives and spatial framework for all those interested in investing in and supporting the future of the town.

The Macclesfield Town Centre  regeneration framework sets a vision for a ‘town that celebrates its quirkiness’, identifies seven ‘character areas’, suggesting 3 of these as priorities, and nine strategic objectives for the town centre as a whole.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a collaborative cross sector working group was set up focused on developing a short term recovery plan for the town centre, complementary to the longer term Strategic Regeneration Framework, and progressing initiatives to support the town centre to recover from the pandemic.

View the Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan developed by the Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group.

Your views sought on Macclesfield Markets

The SRF specifically suggests that investment in enhancing the indoor market would improve the town’s retail core and suggests supporting the revitalisation of the existing outdoor and indoor market to attract a wider range of shoppers with increased intensity of market use.

The Council has appointed a team of external experts to advise on potential options for improving the market trader. They will of course be talking to market traders, but they are also seeking views from the public to clarify local residents aspirations for Macclesfield indoor and regular outdoor markets. (Not Treacle Market)

To this end they have developed a survey and are now seeking views from as many Macclesfield residents as possible.

Please take a look and have your say by completing the survey we need as wide a reach as possible to understand the thoughts of Macclesfield’s residents.

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Page last reviewed: 15 October 2021