Cheshire East Council Consultations

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Current Consultations

Consultations are listed by closing date - those closing soonest are listed at the top.

Review of Homelessness Strategy 2014-2017

Cheshire East’s Homelessness Strategy 2014-2017 is currently being reviewed in preparation for a new 2018- 2020 Homelessness Strategy which will be produced by the end of the year.

Please take this opportunity to have your say on the review document (PDF 2MB) and the evidence within it.  

 For example does the review accurately:

  • Establish the extent of homelessness in Cheshire East and assesses its likely extent in the future
  • Identify what is being done, and by whom, and
  • State what resources are available to prevent and tackle homelessness?

If you have any comments and suggestions, please send them to no later than the 19th June 2017.

The wider draft Homelessness Strategy 2018 - 2020 will be available during Autumn 2017.

Review of Emergency Assistance Scheme

As the Emergency AssistanCE Scheme has been in place for 4 years a review is to be undertaken to ensure the scheme is meeting need and providing value for money.

To have your say on this review please respond to this survey by 25th July 2017.

Supported Bus Service Review

The purpose of this consultation is to understand how our proposed changes to local buses currently supported by Cheshire East Council would affect you. The local bus network in Cheshire East is a mixture of:

  • Supported bus services which are subsidised by the Council and operated on our behalf; and
  • Commercial bus services which are run by private operators who have full control over how, where and when bus services are run.

This consultation considers only supported bus services subsidised by Cheshire East Council.

We recognise that local buses are an important factor in the lives of Cheshire East residents and therefore it is vital that you have your say on our proposed changes. Your feedback will help us improve the proposals and decide on the way forward. No final decision has been taken at this stage.

The consultation closes onWednesday 26th July 2017.


On-going consultations

Countryside parks and rangers service

If you have recently attended one of the Ranger Service events or visited one of the sites we manage, we really want to hear from you. Please help us to improve our sites and events by completing our two surveys.


Search for individual planning applications to make your comments. Your views are also sought on planning policies and major developments.


Consult on license applications for sale of alcohol, entertainment, gambling premises and street trading and others.

Public notices

Give notice of consultations or information relating to changes.