Using your school travel pass

All pupils must carry their pass and be ready to show it to the driver each time they travel. You should keep your pass safe and in good condition. We tell bus operators to enforce a ‘no pass, no travel’ policy to make sure that only pupils who are eligible to travel do so.

Travel pass conditions of use

Passes are valid for a return journey to/from school, Monday to Friday only unless otherwise stated. You can see more conditions of use on the back of the travel pass. We treat the misuse and/or fraudulent use of a travel pass seriously and it could result in transport being withdrawn.

Misuse includes:

  • use by anyone other than the named pass holder
  • attempted use for unauthorised journeys
  • using a damaged or defaced travel pass

For details of  behaviour we expect from learners using transport, see Education travel behaviour code (PDF, 522KB).

Lost or damaged travel pass

You must apply to replace a lost or damaged travel pass as soon as possible. We charge £15 for a replacement pass. You can pay online as part of the application.

Apply for a replacement pass

Once we have replaced a pass, the original is invalid and cannot be used for travel. Pupils travelling on commercial bus or rail services will be expected to pay a fare until a replacement pass is received. We cannot refund any money you spend on travel while waiting for a new pass.  

Change of address or moving to a different school

You must tell us about a change of address or school so that we can reassess your details and update our records.

Contact the school travel team

Cancelling a pass

To cancel a pass you no longer need, email the school travel team.

Refunds if you paid for a half term or term

We can only offer a refund if you tell us about an unwanted pass before the start of the term or half term. Once term starts we cannot make any refunds even if you have not used the pass.

Refunds if you paid for a year 

We will work out the refund due for the unused portion of the pass.

Contact the school travel team

0300 123 5012

Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays


Page last reviewed: 07 March 2022