Ask for a review / make an appeal for school transport

Stage 1 - review

You can ask us to review our decision if we have refused your application for free school transport and you have exceptional family circumstances that you think we should consider. 

Email: with your request for a review within 4 weeks of receiving your decision letter. Include details of any personal and / or family circumstances that you think should be considered.

A senior member of staff will review the decision and reply to you within 4 weeks of receiving your request.

Stage 2 - appeal

You have 4 weeks to escalate to stage 2 appeal if you are dissatisfied with the response from the stage 1 review. This means your case will be considered by elected councillors on our appeals sub-committee.

The sub committee will consider both written and verbal representations from parents / carers and council staff within 8 weeks. We will tell you the outcome of your appeal.

More information about the transport review and appeal process

Page last reviewed: 07 April 2021