Pre-Application Planning Advice

High demand in Planning Service 

We are currently not accepting new pre-application enquiries for smaller schemes. We will accept pre-application requests for major schemes.

More information is available on our planning update page.

Cheshire East Council provides a pre-application advice service and encourages potential applicants to discuss their scheme with planning officers prior to submission. This is particularly important for large scale developments which will have a major impact on the surrounding area.

This service helps to ensure a better understanding of planning issues and requirements and speeding up of the development process. This can help minimise subsequent planning application costs and avoid abortive applications.

Cheshire East Council offers six levels of pre-application service:

These services relate to pre-application advice where it has been established planning permission is needed.  If you want information regarding the need for planning permission see Do I Need Planning Permission?

How to apply

Send completed forms with accompanying plans and documents to:


Please be aware that any advice provided by the Council's Officers is informal opinion only based on the information provided and is made without prejudice to any formal determination which may be given in the event of an application being submitted.

Page last reviewed: 09 December 2020