Planning Committees

Planning functions in Cheshire East are dealt with by a Strategic Planning Board and two Committees, the Northern Planning Committee and the Southern Planning Committee. The Committees work on an alternating three week cycle.

Strategic Planning Board

As well as determining major planning applications, the Board also oversees the workload of the committees, reviews working protocols and comments on existing and emerging policy.

The Strategic Planning Board usually meets in Macclesfield. If you are interested in attending a specific meeting, please see the agenda for confirmation of the venue. The agenda will be published a week before the meeting. Alternatively, please phone Democratic Services on 01270 686462.

Northern and Southern Planning Committees

The Northern and Southern planning committees deal with applications which are not dealt with by the Strategic Planning Board and are not delegated for determination by the Head of Planning and Housing, and includes small scale major development; applications submitted by a Councillor, senior council officer or member of staff within planning; applications called-in by Councillors and applications which the Head of Planning and Housing thinks should be referred up to a committee due to the issues raised.

The Northern Planning Committee meets in Macclesfield and the Southern Planning Committee meets in Crewe.

Delegation of planning functions to the Head of Planning and Housing

All applications not dealt with by one of the planning committees are delegated to the Head of Planning and Housing. Approximately 90% of applications fall into this category. In these cases your application will not go to a planning committee and will be determined by the Head of Planning and Housing.

Page last reviewed: 05 August 2021