Copyright and Maps

Unauthorised Copying of Maps

Applicants and agents should note that copying Ordnance Survey maps without a valid licence breaches Ordnance Survey copyright and could lead to proceedings being taken by Ordnance Survey against such breaches. It is therefore the policy of Cheshire East Council that Ordnance Survey mapping submitted with planning applications shall be accepted only from recognised, approved sources that clearly show where the copy was obtained.

Please use a legitimate map obtained from an authorised supplier.

Ordnance Survey Licences

Applicants or agents possessing their own copyright licence should ensure that all map extracts submitted with planning applications carry the relevant copyright acknowledgement and their licence number. It is the policy of Cheshire East Council to reject site location plans that do not include this information. 

Ordnance Survey Copyright Licence Application.

Points to Note

  • The use of copies of O.S. mapping that are unauthorised can delay the processing of a planning application
  • Tracing or freehand copying of Ordnance Survey mapping is a breach of O.S. copyright
  • Copying of Land Registry plans is a breach of copyright without an approved O.S. licence to do so
  • Land Registry plans, even if obtained legally, should not be used as a substitute for site plans, as they do not fulfil all of the requirements.
  • Sending maps by fax is classed as copying and is therefore not acceptable
  • Any maps issued to the applicant for use with a particular application may not be re-used in subsequent applications. A new set of maps must be obtained for each new application submission
  • Whilst certain historic OS mapping is exempt from copyright it is not normally suitable for use with a planning application that requires the provision of accurate up-to-date information. Site location plans copied from historic mapping are likely to be rejected and could delay the processing of a planning application

Page last reviewed: 18 January 2022