Waste needs assessments

The waste needs assessments provide an understanding of the waste that requires management in Cheshire East, assess the existing facilities that are available to manage this waste and consider the need for additional facilities to manage the forecast requirements. These studies will inform and support the preparation of planning policies for waste.

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Waste Needs Assessment Refresh 2019

The purpose of the  WNA  Refresh was to consider whether the findings of the 2017 assessment (below) had changed as a result of the publication of updated evidence for the main waste streams. It includes a main report and 5 supporting reports, looking at the different waste streams.

Waste Needs Assessment 2017

The  WNA 2017 consists of the main report and 6 supporting reports, looking at each waste stream.

The main report was updated on 01 May 2018 to correct a typographical error for the tonnage shown for the CDEW  ‘Organic waste treatment inc Composting’ in Table 10. The value has been amended from 6,293 to 6,860 tonnes reflecting the correct value shown in source Table 17 of Report (3) on CDEW and aligns with the value already displayed in Table 13 of this report. Therefore the change has no effect on the capacity gap findings presented. No other changes have been made to the document.

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