Retail study

The Cheshire Retail Study was published in 2016 and provides an assessment of retail and leisure needs and capacity in the period to 2030. The 2016 study should be read in conjunction with the quantitative update published in 2018 and the partial update published in 2020.

Retail study partial update (2020)

The retail study partial update (PDF, 17.2MB) provides an updated quantitative assessment of retail floorspace needs, health checks of retail centres and a review of retail matters for planning policies.

Retail study quantitative update (2018)

The retail study quantitative update (PDF, 3.2MB) updates the 2016 study's quantitative assessment of the future capacity for additional convenience and comparison floorspace across Cheshire East.

Retail study (2016)

The Cheshire Retail Study 2016 provides an assessment of the future retail capacity in Cheshire East as well as other matters such as shopping patterns and the health of retail centres. It comprises the executive summary, main report and seven appendices, which can be downloaded below:

Page last reviewed: 17 December 2021