Policy HOU 11 Extensions and alterations

Extensions or alterations to existing dwellings and construction of ancillary outbuildings in residential curtilages should:

  1. be consistent with the Cheshire East Borough Design Guide supplementary planning document;
  2. be in keeping with the scale, character and appearance of their surroundings and the local area, and be subordinate to the existing dwelling;
  3. not cause unacceptable harm to the amenity of nearby occupiers or the future occupiers of the dwelling, with Policy HOU 12 'Amenity'; and
  4. include suitable provision for access, in line with Policy INF 3 'Highway safety and access', and parking, in line with the car parking standards set out in LPS Appendix C ‘Parking standards’, in a way that does not detract from the character and appearance of the area.

Supporting information

8.57 To meet the changing needs of occupiers, this policy allows for extensions and alterations to existing dwellings, providing they are appropriately designed and have regard to neighbouring properties. In the application of this policy, reference should also be made to Policy HOU 13 'Residential standards'.

8.58 The term ‘existing dwelling’ is classed as the dwelling at the time of the planning application.

8.59 The assessment of whether a development is in keeping with the scale, character and appearance of its surrounding and local area will have regard to the design, scale, height, massing, material finishes, visual appearance and character of buildings, and the prevailing layout and landscaping of the development.

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