Policy HOU 12: Amenity

With reference to the residential standards set out in Table 8.2 'Standards for space between buildings', the Cheshire East Borough Design Guide supplementary planning document and other policies where relevant, development proposals must not cause unacceptable harm to the amenities of adjoining or nearby occupiers of residential properties, sensitive uses, or future occupiers of the proposed development due to:

  1. loss of privacy;
  2. loss of sunlight and daylight;
  3. the overbearing and dominating effect of new buildings;
  4. environmental disturbance or pollution; or
  5. traffic generation, access and parking.

Supporting information

8.60 This policy intends to protect the amenities of residential occupiers or sensitive uses in the vicinity of any new development. Policy that reflects the agent of change principle can be found in Policy ENV 15 'New development and existing uses'.

8.61 Environmental disturbance includes the effects of noise, vibration, smells, fumes, smoke, dust or grit. Sensitive uses are those uses whose activities are particularly vulnerable to disturbance from noise, pollution, loss of privacy, or daylight and visual intrusion, such as schools, hospitals and homes.

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