Policy INF 3: Highway safety and access

  1. Development proposals should:
    1. comply with the relevant Highway Authority’s and other highway design guidance;
    2. provide safe access to and from the site for all highway users and incorporate safe internal movement in the site to meet the requirements of servicing and emergency vehicles;
    3. make sure that development traffic can be satisfactorily assimilated into the operation of the existing highway network so that it would not have an unacceptable impact on highway safety, or result in severe residual cumulative impacts on the road network;
    4. incorporate measures to assist access to, from and within the site by pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users and meets the needs of people with disabilities; and
    5. not generate movements of heavy goods vehicles on unsuitable roads, or on roads without suitable access to the classified highway network.
  2. In accordance with the council's local validation requirements and LPS Policy CO 4 'Travel plans and transport assessments', all development proposals that generate a significant amount of movement should be supported by a travel plan and either a transport statement or transport assessment, both of which should be submitted alongside the planning application.

Supporting information

10.5 This policy complements LPS Policy SE 1 'Design', which seeks development proposals to make a positive contribution to their surroundings, which includes ensuring that places are designed around the needs and comfort of people and not vehicles; LPS Policy CO 1 'Sustainable travel and transport', which seeks to deliver a safe, sustainable, high quality, integrated transport system; and LPS Policy CO 4 'Travel plans and transport assessments', which contains information on when travel plans and transport assessments are required and what they need to address.

10.6 Planning applicants should be aware that Part S in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations sets out requirements for electric vehicle charging points within new residential and non-residential development schemes. These requirements should be considered early in the design process.

10.7 It is important to make sure that highway problems are not created as a result of allowing new development. The council will therefore continue to make sure that regard is given to the environmental and road safety implications of traffic generation from proposed developments. In assessing individual proposals, advice will be sought from Highways England and the Highways Authority as appropriate.

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