Policy INF 4: Manchester Airport

The Manchester Airport operational area is shown on the adopted policies map. In the operational area, development and uses that are necessary for the operational efficiency and amenity of the airport, including operational facilities and infrastructure, passenger facilities, cargo facilities, airport ancillary infrastructure, landscaping works, and internal highways and transport infrastructure will be permitted where they accord with other policies in the development plan and provided that any adverse impacts of development have been appropriately assessed, minimised and mitigated.

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10.8  The majority of the airport operational area lies in the City of Manchester but part is in Cheshire East including the second runway area, the satellite fire station and land at Moss Lane, Styal.

10.9  The airfield and runways (in the City of Manchester and in Cheshire East) are in the Green Belt but the main areas of buildings (such as terminal buildings, piers, transport interchange and hotels) are located outside of the Green Belt in the City of Manchester.

10.10  The National Aviation Policy Framework (2013) recommends that land outside existing airports that may be required for airport development in the future needs to be protected against incompatible development. The definition of an airport operational area allows development to be concentrated in the most appropriate location. Development within the Green Belt outside of the operational area would not be allowed, except in very special circumstances as set out in LPS Policy PG 3 ‘Green Belt’.

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