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Homecare (domiciliary care)

Homecare (domiciliary care) is practical help with your personal care which can be provided in your own home to help you to remain independent and improve your quality of life.

This is usually help with day-to-day personal tasks for example

  • getting up
  • dressing
  • washing
  • going to bed
  • help with eating

If you think you or a relative would benefit from this service, you can view services that you can contact and arrange this support yourself. When looking for care and support for an elderly relative or for yourself, it is helpful to have a checklist of the type of questions to ask providers when speaking to a home care agency.

If you would like us to arrange this service for you, you will need to be assessed, and the amount and type of support you will receive will depend on the outcome of the assessment of your needs

If you have eligible needs, we can arrange this service for you, and you can choose which organisation will provide this service for you. 

You will also need a financial assessment that will determine whether you need to pay for or contribute towards the cost of your care needs. We can provide details of where you can get independent financial advice, and how to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled.

If you are not eligible for help from the Council, we can still arrange the support for you and you pay for the support, or we can provide advice and information and signpost you to organisations that may be able to help you. 

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