Social Prescribing

Lifestyle on Prescription can help to encourage lifestyle changes, showing that common conditions can be improved through behaviour changes.

Social Prescribing is a non-medical service based in all GP surgeries designed to support those with low level mental health issues and/or those who would like support making healthy lifestyle changes including but not limited to accessing weight management support, stopping smoking and exercise. Making healthy changes to your lifestyle can be very supportive to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Your Social Prescriber is also there to help you access further support for practical issues such as financial/debt support and housing by signposting and referring to specific services.

Accessing your Social Prescriber

You can access your Social Prescriber by contacting your GP surgery and asking for an appointment. Alternatively, a member of staff at your surgery may recommend Social Prescribing alongside your medical appointments and can arrange an appointment. Your first appointment can be between 45-60 minutes to give you time and a safe space to talk about what support you require, and your goals for change. Appointments can either be face to face or telephone. Your Social Prescriber will personalise your support plan based on your preferences, needs and what matters to you. If needed, you can arrange follow up appointments with Social Prescribers to build and grow this support plan as you start to make changes and link in with different services.

Services provided by Social Prescribers

Social Prescribers are there to listen and offer a personalised approach to your support through signposting and referring to specific services based on your agreed goals. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start, social prescribers are there to help.

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You can find more details and case studies on the NHS Social Prescribing information page

Alternative Solutions are a provider of social prescribing in Cheshire East.

Page last reviewed: 12 December 2023

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