Falls prevention

One in three over 65s and one in two over 80s fall each year. Aside from increased risk of death as a result of falling, there's also an increased risk of disability, loss of self-confidence and reduced quality of life.

Falls typically happen for one of the following reasons: medical conditions (e.g. arthritis, dementia), dehydration, medication, eyesight/ muscle problems, problems in the home environment (e.g. lighting, trip hazards like rugs) and lifestyle related issues (e.g. excessive alcohol, physical inactivity).

There are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk such as:

  • getting someone to help you to do things that you’re unable to do safely on your own
  • using non-slip mats and rugs and fixing frayed carpet
  • removing obstacles
  • make sure to drink enough non alcoholic drinks
  • ensuring lighting in your home is bright enough
  • wearing well-fitting shoes or slippers that support the ankles
  • avoiding walking on slippery floors in tights or socks
  • avoiding wearing loose-fitting, trailing clothes
  • taking care of your feet by trimming toenails regularly or seeing a specialist foot practitioner
  • getting your eyes regularly tested

Falls classes - One You Cheshire East

Cheshire East Council has set up the One You Cheshire East service to help residents to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes free services for people aged 65 and over to help improve balance and mobility and reduce the risk of falling.

You can read more about this on the One You Cheshire East website as well as viewing eligibility criteria and further advice and information.

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