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Cheshire East Place: Learning Disability Plan 2024 to 2029

Our vision is to make life better for Cheshire East residents with a learning disability and their carers. You can view our plan to achieve our vision in two formats:

NHS learning disabilities information

The NHS learning disabilities support pages offer advice, support and also related facts.

Nimbus Access Card

The Nimbus Access Card can support people with a disability to access venues and services more easily.

The Nimbus Access Card

The Nimbus Access Card is an ID card which displays a person’s disabilities or impairments as symbols. This can be used to understand barriers they face and support or adjustments they may require when accessing venues or services.

The card prevents the need for people with disabilities to carry their confidential medical letters and proof of disability benefits. This allows for access to things like, additional companion/concessionary tickets, early entry to venues to avoid queues, access to toilets etc. This helps prevent frustrating conversations and streamlines processes between customers and participating providers. Cost: £15.00 for 3 years. See the Nimbus Card website for more information.

Page last reviewed: 10 April 2024

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