About the SHOUT campaign

Together with our partners we have created an advertising campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment. To get the heart of the problem, and understand the real issues involved, we worked closely with the Cheshire East Youth Council. We surveyed children and young people aged between 11 and 18 across the borough and received more than 2,600 responses. When asked to describe how they felt about sexual violence and harassment:

  • 23% wanted things to change or improve
  • 13% were angry
  • 7% were anxious
  • 6% were scared

These responses have informed our campaign and resulted in a range of communication materials that appeal to young people experiencing sexual harassment.

Our campaign toolkit

A range of communication materials are available to download to support your own activities:

A message from the youth council

Youth Council school children holding up a banner for SHOUT

Ruben Barrow, member of youth parliament for Cheshire East Youth Council said: “We wanted to tackle the growing problem of sexual harassment and violence in Cheshire East. We decided the best course of action would be to prevent the behaviour happening in the first place and educate people, especially boys, on what is and what is not acceptable.”

Jasmine Ward, member of youth parliament for Cheshire East Youth Council said: “As someone who has been harassed and also sees it happen on a daily basis - reminds me how much this campaign needs to be promoted and how important it is to end the issue.”

Page last reviewed: 08 March 2022

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