Emotional Health and  Wellbeing in the Early Years

Children's emotional wellbeing is essential for their learning and development. Children need to feel safe and valued and experience warm and loving relationships. 


What is my behaviour trying to tell you? 

Suitable for all Early Years practitioners, this course will give you the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge to develop your understanding of children’s social and emotional needs. You will explore how we can be curious about behaviours and what might be affecting the child at that given time, how to build a supportive curriculum using the EYFS and development matters as a guide, consider current strategies and approaches to ensure they meet the needs of all children and embed behaviour conversations in your practice and develop a whole setting approach to supporting children’s behaviour. 

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Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED) Consultation

Have you’ve identified a child whose PSED development has caused you to stop and reflect - maybe something has happened at home or in the setting? Maybe development is not progressing as you would expect? Maybe there are social and emotional or behavioural difficulties? 

These virtual appointments are an opportunity to discuss concerns and receive advice on how best to support the child including suggestions on how to adapt your practice or your environment, strategies you can implement that may help the child to learn and progress or what additional support may be available for the child. You will be required to obtain parent’s permission prior to the consultation.

To book a PSED consultation, email the Early Years and Childcare team.

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Page last reviewed: 07 August 2023

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