Are You Ready for Me - Now I’m 2?

Are you ready for me - now I'm 2Cheshire East Early Years and Childcare team invite you to share an invaluable ‘best practice toolkit’ containing links to seven areas of learning and development, providing early years practitioners with a scaffolded approach for evaluating and improving current provision for 2 year olds, to meet the requirements of the revised EYFS.

What’s in the guide?

Section 1 - A unique child - What makes me special?
  • My Uniqueness - This is me!
  • How I like to learn - links to the Characteristics of Effective Learning 
  • My stage of development - links to the EYFS prime and specific areas of learning and development
  • My stage of Communication and Language development - Are You Ready for Me - now I’m 2 ?
Section 2 - Positive relationships - Who do I need?
  • Key Person to work with me and my family
  • A Key Person with high expectations and aspirations
  • A Key Person who supports my home learning
  • Practitioners who work in partnership with professionals and the wider community
Section 3 - Enabling environments - What do I need?
  • An emotional environment that makes me feel safe and secure
  • A rich and varied indoor environment that supports and challenges me
  • An outdoor environment that is safe yet challenging for me 
  • A routine that supports my individual needs 
  • Opportunities for adults to observe me playing and plan my next steps 
  • Observation, assessment and planning in practice 
  • Planning to support my next steps
Section 4 - Learning and development

What play experiences and opportunities do I need?

To use my senses:
  • Messy Play
  • Sand and Water
  • Music and Sounds

To be on the go:

  • Discover Nature
  • Explore the local area
  • Build big things

To talk and think:

  • Explore interesting objects
  • Be imaginative
  • Share books
  • Construction and Small World

This guidance document is available to all practitioners to purchase to support the development of high quality early education for all 2 year old children.

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