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The decision to move into a residential or nursing care home should only be made when all other options for remaining at home have been considered and tried. Other options include moving to sheltered housing or into extra care housing, or receiving support in your own home such as homecare, or other types of help at home, such as help with meals, housework and laundry.

If you still feel that living at home independently is no longer an option, despite the extra support available, there are other care options that you can consider. There are two types of care home available: residential care homes and nursing homes. 

  • Residential care homes (personal care only) - if you need care and support on a 24-hour basis but you have no nursing needs, a care home offering only personal care may be the best option. Personal care includes bathing, feeding, dressing and help with moving. 
  • Nursing homes - if you need nursing care, your care, support and nursing needs will be delivered by qualified nursing staff working alongside care workers. Nurses are on duty around the clock. 

Both residential and nursing care homes can provide specialist care and support for people with a range of illnesses and conditions, such as dementia. 

If you feel that your care and support will be most appropriately provided for in a care home, there are a number of questions that you will want answering before making a final decision about which care home you will choose.

If a property is left empty by a person now living in a residential care home you may be eligible to apply for a Council Tax reduction.

Page last reviewed: 13 May 2024

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