Biddulph Valley Way

Car Park Off Brook Street,
CW12 1RG

Grid reference: SJ866633
Phone: 01477 534115
Site Ranger: Carolyn Sherratt

Map location

A view from the Biddulph Valley Way

Opening and Closing Times

The Biddulph Valley Way is accessible at all times from the Car Park off A54 Brook Street, Congleton and via the local public rights of way network.


  • Shared usage path, please be considerate to all other users.
  • Walking
  • Horse Riding (Unfortunately the Biddulph Valley Way car park on Brook Street is unsuitable for horse boxes)
  • Cycling
  • Guided walks and events (see Ranger event pages)


  • Site leaflet (PDF, 5.0MB)
  • Flat well surfaced path
  • Connected to wider Public Right of Way network
  • A number of access points are accessible to wheelchairs and standard disability scooters. Please refer to site leaflet above for more details.
  • Access for larger scooters is via barriers with RADAR padlocks

For over 100 years trains travelled along the Biddulph Valley Way carrying coal from the Potteries to Congleton. Today walkers, cyclists and horse riders enjoy this tranquil route away from the roads. To learn more about the history of the Biddulph Valley Way please visit the Activities and Information page.

Bankside trees cast a dappled shade over a variety of wildflowers. In spring as well as the easily recognisable Bluebell and the delicate white Wood Anemone, those with a keen eye may spot the tiny green Moschatel, also known as Town Hall Clock due to its square shaped flower head.

Later in the year look out for Enchanter's-nightshade, which the Anglo-Saxons used as protection against spells which they believed were being cast by elves. Occasionally a fox may be glimpsed trotting along the track, or look skyward and you might notice a buzzard circling overhead, searching for a rabbit to swoop down on.

The Cheshire East section of the Biddulph Valley Way is 3.2km/2 miles long, however the Biddulph Valley Way continues for a further 7.2km/4.5 miles through Staffordshire. The Biddulph Valley Way is part of Route 55 of the National Cycle Network. For details about the network visit the Sustrans website.

Continuing from the Biddulph Valley Way 5.2km/3.2 miles of green-ways lead to the northern edge of Stoke-on-Trent and by following Route 55 then 5 the city centre can be reached on minor roads and through parks.

For more information on the Staffordshire section of the Biddulph Valley Way and greenways visit the Staffordshire Moorland District Council website and the City of Stoke-on-Trent website.


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